Leggett and Platt Premier Series Adjustable Bed Frame
- Rated for up to 700 lb
s - 1-3-25 Yr Warranty

The Premier Edition Adjustable Bed Base offers unparalleled
luxury with your choice of two furniture grade fabrics, a wireless remote with LP Connect compatibility for a wall outlet controlling accessories, sleep and nap timers accessible from both the remote or app, and LED lighting to help you find your way back to bed if you have to get up late! App controls are also available for all Apple and select Android devices. A new feature on this model only allows you to program bedroom scenes for any bedroom activity, like watching TV, reading a book, turning on a fan, or shutting everything off when you're ready for sleep. Integrate electric bedroom accessories like lights and speakers into your bedroom scenes for the ultimate bedroom experience (One accessory control unit included with base, up to 3 additional may be purchased separately). Our patent-pending LP Sense™ technology allows this base to respond based solely on human or pet presence underneath the frame. Industry-leading safety sensing stops bed operation if pinch points between the platform and the upholstered base are obstructed. With a built in Wall-Hugger Design to help prevent pillows from falling during inclining and to keep you closer to your nightstands, Headboard Brackets, and its Emergency Outage Backup System, you can confidently rest in style and comfort.

USB Ports
Located on either side of the base, 4 (per side, 8 total) convenient USB ports allow you to charge your tablet, phone, and other USB devices while in bed.

Underbed Lighting
Fully dimmable under-bed lighting provides both ambience and functionality to your bedroom. Under-bed lighting is integrated, allowing it to be part of your favorite room scenes, and can be programmed with the alarm clock feature to create a refreshing wake-up scene.

Pillow Tilt

This adjustment feature optimizes your comfort by providing support to your head and neck while reading, watching TV, etc.

Full Body Massage with Wave/Pulse™
The fully adjustable dual massage, built into the adjustable base, incorporates our wave and pulse technology. You can adjust the intensity of the waves or pulses using the tablet control, giving you extreme relaxation from head to toe.

Nation Leading 25 Year Warranty
This frame features a 1 Year full parts and labor coverage, 3 Year Parts and Labor on Motor, and 25 Year Prorated Parts Guarantee with Nationwide Service