Serta Motion Slim Power Head and Foot
Adjustable Bed Frame- Rated for 650 Lbs- 1 Year Warranty
Serta Motion Slim Head and Foot Unit

650 Lb Rated Weight Capacity

The Serta Motion Slim Adjustable Bed Frame is our most aggressively priced name-brand option and comes packed in a nice and small box for UPS drop shipping anywhere in the contiguous US. With a 650lb rated motor and a wireless easy-to-use remote the Motion Slim is sure to appease to all looking for a simple yet strong adjustable bed frame. This frame carries a 1 Year Warranty but we can increase the length of that timeframe to 10 years for $120 ($150 King) through Guardsman (must be purchased before delivery). This is designed to fit inside most bed frames.

This frame cannot be used on a platform frame, it has to have its legs attached to operate. This also will not come with adjustable feet so the profile height is set at 14". If you need to adjust the height of the platform lower we sell a kit that will drop the overall height to 9" or 7" for $69
 Headboard Brackets are not available for this model